Harmonic ~ Reconnective Healing


Testimonials from parents

ADHD & challenging behaviours: 1: “Since the absent healing you did for L, there has been no aggression – no spitting or kicking. She is much happier.  I am so grateful.

2: Since the second absent healing there has been a big improvement with L. I was able to prevent one of her worse behaviours from continuing – that is huge." Wendy D, Biggleswade

Five year old girl with neurological disorder (Bi-lateral, Perisylvian Polymicrogyria):“Since the distance healing sessions you did for C she has definitely had more energy, been more alert and much happier, more relaxed, more vocal and very giggly. Funnily enough I noticed a marked improvement even before I knew you had done the first session because your email about it had gone into my Spam filter!

The improvements have been mentioned by friends and people that know her well - without knowing she has received therapy. Her arms (which are normally quite stiff) have a greater range of movement, and her hands are very relaxed. Normally she cannot open or close just one, they operate together, but today she managed to hold different items in different hands at different times. Her teaching assistant is very interested in your therapy and, it was funny, as while I was talking about it and you - C was shouting away (joyously!) and kicking her legs like she was running the marathon! Every day different teachers/assistants have mentioned how alert, focussed, happy and vocal she is.

I feel she is vocally answering my questions - only when she means 'yes' - which is new. Also yesterday in the garden - she always loves spotting planes in the sky, but this time I'm sure she was trying to imitate its sound while eye pointing to it.  Her sleep was slightly disturbed for a couple of nights after the second sessions, but she is sleeping fine now. As for me, I just feel very happy! Many thanks.” Nadia, St Ives

 3 year-old boy with autistic spectrum:"J definitely seemed brighter today and I think more 'with it' generally. He had a good morning at nursery This afternoon he was attempting more new words and the best thing was that we had some friends round and he was playing/interacting and running around with a little girl. This was great to see as he usually just plays alongside other children. He was a bit hyper just before bed, but that could have been down to too much fruit juice! Anyway, initial signs seem really good. I'm sure the healing has had effect on him. Many thanks." DL, St Albans

10 year old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autistic Spectrum): "Since the healing session J has slept better and she said she feels calmer. We have noticed she is having less anxious moments and she has almost stopped one of the little counting rituals she was doing on a regular basis, so all good." LG, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

"Thank you for the distance Reconnective Healing sessions you did for myself and my eight year old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. During her sessions she felt warmth in her body and her muscles were jumping. After the sessions she got more strength in her legs and could bring her feet down flat when walking with assistance, though her right foot is not perfect yet. She has also had more energy.

When I had my own session I had been irritated for some days and was low on energy.  When you began the session I felt a wave of positive energy and joy, and my negative mood switched to positive again."
NR and ER, Denmark 

"I’ve just had the only full nights sleep without T waking at all in three and a half years! Thank you so much, you’re a miracle worker. M is asleep still. Thank you so much xxx"  Mandy K, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

Teenager with ADHD: "Truly I believe your remote Reconnective Healing work has made a big difference for my son in several areas of his life; spiritually, emotionally and in his relationships and career.  Our relationship was very strained for years, now I feel forgiveness, appreciation and love has replaced the resentment and distance I had felt from my son for so long.  In addition, he is now very open to and welcoming learning about spiritual truths. His disposition is peaceful and he is finally making good headway in his career and feeling successful and hopeful about his career path.  All these wonderful changes have occurred since you began your long-distance healing work just 4  months ago.  My son has ADHD and I never thought he would get motivated or organized enough to experience success in his chosen career as a personal fitness trainer...he struggled for the past couple years, only having a couple of clients at anyone time ever. Since the healings began he is now crazy busy and fully booked and having much success, and managing and coping well with the increased commitments and workload. You have been a godsend in our lives, and I pray to God that your healing work goes forward exponentially to bless many more lives."  EC, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Child with ADHD and sibling with a digestive problem: "Muchas gracias por darle tiempo a esta curacion a distancia para mi hijo Carlos. Definitivamente el tambien sintio que su cuerpo se estremecia o saltaba. En su caso son signos visibles de rigidez y de movimientos involuntarios. Yo sabia que una fuerza fluye por su cuerpo pero es inexplicable. Te agradezco de todo corazon y seguro que el dinero no compenzara el tiempo y dedicacion que tu persona brinda a la salud de mi familia.
Gracias por todo tu apoyo en la recuperacion de mis hijos. Carlos esta increiblemente mas docil y mas conciente de sus acciones y consecuencias. Pablo, tambien se recupera muy bien. Ya camina! y esta comenzando a comer y su sistema digestivo ya esta funcionando. Es increible como
la Energia funciona y estoy segura que forma parte muy importante de la etapa de recuperacion de ambos - Carlos y Pablo. Un abrazo."  Levia Q, Calgary, AB, Canada

Translation: "Thank you very much for taking the time to do the distance healing for my son Carlos.  Definitely he felt his body shudder or jump during the session.  In his case there were visible signs of stiffness and involuntary movements.  I knew that a force was flowing through his body, but it's inexplicable. I thank you with all my heart and I'm sure that money will not compensate you for the time and dedication you have given to the health of my family.

Thank you for your support in the recovery of my sons.  Carlos (who has ADHD) is incredibly more docile and more aware of his actions and their consequences.  Pablo is also recovering well (from surgery).  Great!  And he's beginning to eat and his digestive system is already functioning.  It is incredible how the Energy works and I am sure that it has played a very important role in the recovery of  both of them, Carlos and Pablo.  Hugs" Levia Q