Harmonic ~ Reconnective Healing


Origins of Turquoise Healing Tones

The energy of Turquoise Healing has been evolving ever since 2007 when it was first awakened after I received my own Reconnection alignment. (This is similar to what happened with Dr Eric Pearl, the founder of The Reconnection, when he received an axiatonal alignment which gave birth to Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.)

The vocal sounds first emerged when I was guided to play the channelled toning of Tom Kenyon during healing sessions. Gradually I spontaneously started to produce similar sounds myself during the healing, and was later guided to stop playing Tom Kenyon’s recordings and to allow the sounds to flow myself. The harmonics and overtones developed gradually and have now expanded and evolved into a unique, powerful enhancement to the healing which both intensify and lead the process. My healing guides work with me now to bring sounds of a very high vibration, specifically attuned to the client's own energy. Initially I referred to this as MOT (My Own Technique), as it is different to anything else I have experienced. As I used this energy more and more, I became aware that there is a strong resonance with the turquoise colour and stone, a stone which is noted for its healing properties and associations with the throat chakra.

The vocal sounds appear to be evolving, and new sounds are emerging; the deeper resonant sounds began to appear in 2014.

“The humming sound was the most powerful  -  it was like my cells responded to it and were re-aligning. I felt waves travelling through my body” Wendy U, Calgary,  Canada in 2008

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After the tones became an integral part of this healing, I did some training in Mongolian overtone singing with UK expert Michael Ormiston to help facilitate the variety of sounds.