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Testimonials for Harmonic Sound Healing


“I have just listened to your recording, and I have to say prior to hearing this I had no experience of sounds on this level and was not sure what to expect. It was FABULOUS, a massive wow. I have no idea how you do this but as soon as I started listening I was in it, gone I felt like a flower would, happily swaying in the breeze. My solar plexus, third eye and the top of my head were buzzing with energy and my lips and hands and feet were tingling. I totally loved every second of this and I shall enjoy listening to this on a regular basis. Thank you with all my heart. I completely love it, you are one talented lady. Thank you J xx"

"The healing changed completely when the toning sounds started. The blowing and toning sounds resonated differently and caused something different to happen in my body at a vibrational level.” Jessica Green, Biggleswade

"Christina is a unique and knowledgeable healer. She uses a different healing technique involving sound. She made an unusual but very effective sound from her throat. This was very profound and yet very calming and relaxing. I felt it was the sounds that worked on my chakras and they flowed the warmth of healing down my back and in my knees. I was the sound that resonated in these areas and I felt my solar plexus vibrate.  I look forward to attending another session as this has helped very much in my spiritual and emotional areas. I also remember a "clearing" going on in my shoulders, probably stress, and when finished this had cleared. I left feeling revived and positive." Fay Jellis, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner

‘...The vocal sounds she uses add a special element to the healing. Having been a singer myself I find them fascinating.’ M Roberts, Cambridge

“I could feel the vibrations from the sounds in my skeleton.” Linda Ferguson, Potton


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Testimonials from parents of children with Autistic Spectrum and other disorders  


“I had another listen as I was going to sleep, and slept right through, not one bathroom visit - unheard off ! Woke up, had slept 8 hours solid, do not feel sick, feel like me again. I am blown away, thank you Christina x” Janine, Milton Keynes (distance healing client)

"I have been receiving Christina's MOT healing with the harmonic sounds for some time now, and find it extraordinary. On the surface, the sounds, whilst extremely intriguing, appear to be 'just sounds', but I am very aware, as I listen to the various tones, that they are triggering significant changes deep within me. This has helped me make some positive changes in my personal direction recently, and has helped to speed up the process. It has been particularly helpful to have a recording so I can listen to the tones again myself each night.

 I can thoroughly recommend Christina's healing with the harmonic sounds for anyone who is looking to make significant and long-lasting changes in their life.
As an engineer, I am intrigued by the hidden dimensions of these tones, and am sure that they carry far more than 'meets the ear'. Clare Palgrave, Ross on Wye

“With the higher pitched toning sounds I could feel and see lavender coloured waves of sound. As the sounds expanded, the colours expanded.” Bridget Mappley, Gamlingay

“The humming sound was the most powerful, it was like my cells responded to it and were re-aligning. I felt waves travelling through my body” Wendy U, Calgary,  Canada

“My body responded to the toning sounds – in particular I noticed my stomach jolt in response to one sound. With the blowing sounds I felt a pulling and it was comforting.” Trish Ryan, Dartford

"With the sharper tones I saw visual colours.” Elizabeth Drake, Crystal & Angelic Reiki Healer, Bedford


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