Harmonic ~ Reconnective Healing


What happens in a Turquoise Healing Tones session?

You lie down fully clothed on a massage table, blanket optional. The process begins with a hands-on connection at the head in which the energy vibration is activated. I gradually work down the body starting at the head and ending at the feet. I gently hold various points on the head, working intuitively. Sometimes the energy causes my hands to vibrate. Clients who are familiar with Reiki, including Reiki Masters, have described it as feeling stronger and more powerful and working at a deeper level.

"Christina’s Turquoise healing gives me much relief from the pain of arthritis in my upper limbs and shoulders. Also, when suffering from a bout of the chronic pain that haunts me following a back injury, a session with Christina seems to re-align my spine, so relieving the pain in my hips and ankles. I can only describe is as a pain free ‘energetic’ healing session that gives me the same effect, if not better, as a session with a chiropractor..." Linda Ferguson, Crystal & Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant, Bedfordshire

The harmonic vocal sounds (toning, overtone singing and breathwork) begin shortly after I have made the physical hands-on connection and flow throughout the session. Some sounds are high harmonic, others are deeper and more resonant. All bring exactly what is needed to enhance the healing energy flowing through my hands. Before the session I  explain to the client what they can expect and the feedback I have had from clients regarding what the sounds bring to the session. They often seem to guide, intensify or enhance the sensations the client is experiencing.

I make a recording of each session so that you can continue the healing at home. The best time to listen is at night before going to sleep, or during meditation.

It's very important to drink plenty of water after a healing session. This will help to flush any toxins which may be released during the healing session from the body. 

"...The vocal sounds she uses add a special element to the healing. Having been a singer myself I find them fascinating." M Roberts, Cambridge

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