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MOT becomes Turquoise Healing Tones

Posted on February 16, 2015 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (6)

For the past 8 years I've been referring to this unique healing modality as MOT (My Own Technique). It began as a working title, when this healing energy first emerged following my own Reconnection in 2007 and the title stuck! That name has now changed to Turquoise Healing Tones, which better reflects the integral part that Harmonic Vocal Sound Healing plays in this work, and this energy's close affinity to the Turquoise colour and stone, noted for its particular healing properties.

Turquoise Healing Tones is a unique, transformative form of hands-on energy healing combined with harmonic overtones and deeper resonant sound, which brings you back into balance, releasing physical, mental and emotional blocks. It has been described by clients as ‘very deep healing, working on many levels at once’ and ‘a highly effective spiritual and emotional release’. Harmonic sound is a tool for accessing a higher vibrational level. When the right vocal sound frequency is combined with the Turquoise Healing energy flowing into the person, the capacity for healing is intensified and it means that the healing is more specifically tailored to each person's needs, and continues afterwards when they listen to the recording of the tones again. I work instinctively to access the most beneficial harmonic ratios to enhance the healing energy which flows through my hands.

In the words of some of my clients:

“My cardiologist is very pleased with the improvements in my heart”, Lara, Bedfordshire

“The severe headache I had been experiencing for 24 hours has gone as suddenly as it came” ~ “It’s like a pain free ‘energetic’ healing session that gives me the same if not better effect of a session with a chiropractor” ~ Turquoise healing gives me much relief from the pain of arthritis in my upper limbs and shoulders” Linda Ferguson, Sandy, Bedfordshire

“I have had several back issues over the years and am pleased to say I can now walk with a straight back with no pain” Clive Taylor, Kent

“The relaxation and pain relief lasted for several days longer than any other treatment I have tried” Carol Harris, Milton Keynes

“The sound healing part is very strong and you can feel the sound vibrating through your whole body, knocking out blocks and things from the past” Elizabeth Drake, Bedford

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Those who are already on spiritual path seem to get particular benefit from this healing. Some clients who are healers themselves have noticed a marked boost in energy in their own healing practices after a session of Turquoise Healing: “This healing is especially suited to other healers as it seems to help them open up their own gifts” Sue R, Herfordshire

Many clients report the disappearance of physical pain and relief with conditions such as arthritis, back pain and serious heart conditions.

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