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Harmonic Sound Healing Sample

Sample Recording
Posted by christinacherry on August 15, 2014 at 12:45 PM

This short recording gives an example of the vocal harmonic sound healing that I channel for each client, if they wish, during in person and distance healing sessions. There is no extra charge.

If you would like a FREE SAMPLE of a sound healing recording done especially for you, please email: Christina@christinacherry.com

Here is feedback from one client who benefitted from the Free Sample:

"I try to listen to the tones every morning as it centers me in a very calm and peaceful way. It brings my awareness to both my inner body and my outer bodies. Initially I was very aware of my heart and throat chakras now they are both calm." Sheila S, Portsmouth

The best time to listen to the recording is before you go to sleep at night or during meditation, preferably through headphones. This recording is a sample for a general audience rather than for individual healing.

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